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Simen is a very private person. He pretty much despises social media in all it’s forms, and has given specific instructions that I not share pictures of him or details from his life here or on Facebook or Instagram. Most of the time I respect his wishes and comply. But not always. 🙂

I mea - seriously - I can't share THIS?

(I mean – seriously – I can’t share THIS?)

(One of the many advantages of him being on a mission, is that he can’t really check to see if I am following his instructions or not. Ha!)

I just wanted to share my countdown calendar with you. It has already proven to be quite the conversation starter at my workplace, and I’m sure Simen, aka Elder Bjerga,  would approve of that. 

countdown 2

I ordered it on ETSY from Simply Designedafter seeing an example on 71 toes.  (Almost at the bottom of the post). I laughed out loud when I saw ours though. Turns out the state borders of Colorado are completely straight! You can’t really tell it’s supposed to be a map!

countdown 3

Which is why I asked the designer to add the name of the mission:

countdown 4

I took these pictures early yesterday morning, so technically we are on day 4 now. Just 746 to go.

countdown 5

Breathe in. Breathe out.

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  • sharon whitaker

    100% cute! I love it and you!

  • Jojo

    Aaaw! We miss you!

  • Jonathan Matthews

    Hey Joanna, wonder if we might cross paths with Simen in Preston before he leaves (not sure if the rules would allow us saying hello or not)? Get in touch with me, I’m on WhatsApp at +447477483490 or email [email protected]

  • mirna farias

    We are so happy to know that Simon is in mision. We know he will be a wonderful mssionery. All our love for you.

    • Jojo

      Thank you Mirna! I was so happy to see the wedding pictures of the girls! Congratulations!